About Us

We established Sleepy Sheep Productions as a means for Indie Authors and Author/Illustrators to gain the same access into the world of Publishing as Big Publishers, who have distinct advantages in sales, analytics and marketing. With this access we hope to gain control of our creations, the way they look, where they’re published and the all important aspect of marketing.

In addition to ebooks we intend to publish print books. Print on Demand is a service that prints and delivers paperback/hardback books to the reading public within 7-10 days of placing an order. The services we have chosen to use are CreateSpace (Amazon’s print partner) and IngramSpark (division of Lightning Source).  When a paperback book is offered for sale through Amazon, it appears side by side with the ebook and provides for a complimentary alternative for customers without an ereader device or for those who just prefer a print book. Amazon has several marketing opportunities for Publishers who utilize CreateSpace and list their books on Amazon, such as: Expanded Distribution – this offers you the opportunity to access a larger audience through more online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and distributors within the United States and Europe. Expanded Distribution will also improve discoverability of your book across all the channels. CreateSpace has a retail site as well, with a wealth of traffic, distribution services and account management. IngramSpark provides much the same opportunities with additional products and provisions; it allows for the printing of hardcover books and returns by the retailer (a must to do business with the big book stores).

At this time we are not accepting unsolicited submissions from Authors. Should an exceptional property be referred to us through our network of creative partners, we will consider it and run it through a curation process. Please be patient and watch for an upcoming press release that will invite submissions. At that time we will define our terms and requirements for submission to Sleepy Sheep Productions. Thank you!

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