Mary had a Sleepy Sheep : Author – Julia Dweck, Illustrator – Wilson Williams, Jr.

*Available as an ebook and in print, both paperback and hardcover!

Mary cover_vertical_PW-2logojpg

“Young Mary had a little lamb.
His name was Sheppard sheep,
And everywhere that Mary went
That sheep was sure to sleep.”

This is not your average Mother Goose nursery rhyme. In this hilarious parody, poor Mary has one very sleepy, slumbering, snoozing sheep named Sheppard and Mary’s mom is not happy.

Can Mary keep her sleepy sheep awake?

Young readers will laugh along at Mary’s zany attempts, as she tries everything from spicy-hot fiestas to water fights. The humor is fast and fun in this easy to read rhyming adventure.

Summer 2014 marks the launch of SSP’s first hard and soft cover selection, Mary had a Sleepy Sheep written by bestselling children’s author—with over 30 books in the digital market—Julia Dweck, with illustrations by award winning artist, Wilson Williams, Jr. Filled with fun and learning for young readers, the book is a harbinger of the dynamic things to come from an inventive and vital new player on the publishing horizon.

Sleepy Sheep Productions’ moniker was inspired by the ebook version of Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep. The untimely and premature passing of talented artist, Wilson Williams, Jr. prevented him from realizing the enjoyment young readers would receive from his art, creativity and passion. He was an inspiration to his fellow creative and close collaborator, Julia Dweck. It served as the impetus to take charge of her already blossoming career by establishing a publishing house. “This is the next step in what has been an exciting adventure. I want to bring other ‘creatives,’ along for the ride,” says Dweck, adding, “Wilson spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with artists you admire, allowing their dedication to improve your craft and their input to elevate what you do.” This is the goal of the SSP creative team, which welcomes and celebrates the content creator.

The launch of SSP’s first book in print is designed to honor Wilson’s work by providing his family with a tangible edition to cherish in his memory. Readers across the world will have the same opportunity to laugh, play and share a special story with the Dweck and Williams families. Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep exemplifies the best of this exciting new publisher with a humorous story line based on the original fairy tale. The philosophy of “edutainment” is evident in every aspect of its first release, from the carefully crafted rhyme scheme, meant to nurture emerging readers, to the engaging activities for students, teachers and parents. Dweck and her team know that the end of a story is only the beginning.


…”Impressive–good illustrations, fun prose and the hidden extra on each page is a bonus.”

…”Julia’s rhyming, illustrations, fun little book activities, and adorable adventures make the book best seller quality!”

…”I love a picture book that is witty and this one is just that.”

…”Julia Dweck is without a doubt the consummate Author of Children’s Books. She has her own distinctive, charming and enlightening way of reaching the imagination of children while revealing a great message in the process.”

…”The activity page at the end of the story is an educational and fun addition to this book.”

…’I only wish they would be available in paperback other than just kindle but that doesn’t matter we love them anyways!”

Sometimes wishes do come true! Paperback version available here!


Jump: Author – Julia Dweck, Illustrator – Brian Allen

*Available as an ebook only!



Jack’s little heart began to thump,
As he prepared to take a jump.
He swung around and then he flexed.
His thousandth jump was coming next.

Then tightening his coils, he sank,
And listened to the music crank.
He sprung out free, no longer trapped.
His rusty spring broke loose and SNAPPED!

What’s a Jack-in-the-box without his home? Poor Jack has never jumped out of anything before, but his worn out box. Can Barker, the neighborhood dog, prove to Jack that there are many more exciting jumps outside in the great, big world? Young readers will find lots of giggles in the rhyming text and wondrous jumps that Barker and Jack discover together. The full screen art by illustrator, Brian Allen, positively leaps off the page. The author, Julia Dweck, has done a wonderful job of weaving in the subtle message that it’s important to believe in yourself and to think outside of the box in order to realize life’s wondrous possibilities. This bouncy tale from Sleepy Sheep Productions will leave young readers jumping for joy! Leveled for young readers ages 4 – 8, but relevant to readers of all ages.


…”Julia Dweck consistently delivers amusing tales with well-rhymed poems and I found this book as fun as the other books of hers I have purchased in the past including “Humpfree: the Humpless Camel” and “Furmaid.”

…”Jump” is a charming and uplifting rhyming picture book that I recommend for both children and parents. This book shows the importance of letting children explore new things that will enrich their lives, and light a whole new spark in their imaginations.

…”Jump is a fun look at facing fears and the wonder of trying something new.”

…”This new release from Julia Dweck is her best yet!”

… “I love the author’s writing style! She has a rhyming style storyline, powerful adjectives and adds such great descriptions to where the child can feel like he or she is right in the book!”

…”Ms. Dweck provides some valuable teaching tools at the end of the story. There are true facts about amazing jumps, scrambled words from the story and instructions on how to write a simple story using two characters, a setting, a plot and a solution.”

…”Brian Allen’s illustrations are amazing – full of color and action. My daughter loved them, and they alone make the book worth taking a look at.”


Crowned: Author – Julia Dweck, Illustrator – Beth Trott

*Available as an ebook and in print, both paperback and hardcover!

Crowned Frt Cover - Square Format

From best selling children’s author, Julia Dweck, comes a tale of fantasy, adventure and bravery. Quinn is a fairy sprite who dreams of becoming queen. But how does one become a queen? All the books Quinn has ever read claim that damsels in distress are rescued by princes and then live happily ever after. Quinn’s search for a handsome prince is brought to an abrupt halt by a nasty two-headed ogre who threatens the safety of Fairy Land.

And suddenly, a dreaded sound,

As something wicked stomped the ground.

A gruesome ogre, wide and tall,

And both heads said, “I’m King of all!”


Now looking round, Quinn was alone.

How could she stop it on her own?

But fairies always locked their doors

When ogres came to settle scores.

Can Quinn summon the queen inside her heart to outwit this evil foe? Crowned! is a clever fairy tale, which teaches young readers that two heads aren’t always better than one–especially when you’re dealing with one very determined young fairy. Artist, Beth Trott, waves her magic paintbrush, blending color and fantasy into each breathtaking page. Young readers will be dazzled not only by the story, but also challenging activities that extend the learning and fun. Crowned! is a crowning achievement.


… “this should be a go to book, for those of us looking for books to empower all the little girls in our lives.”

…”I love Quinn, and think she would make a great role model for little girls.”

…”As always Ms Dweck has included some great activities at the end of the book.”

…”This cute and colorful rhyming tale will give your child an excellent role model through Quinn.”


Frostbite : Author – Julia Dweck, Illustrator – Robb Mommaerts

*Available as an ebook and in print, both paperback and hardcover!


Bestselling children’s author, Julia Dweck, shares the magic of the holiday season in a delightful story of one boy’s wish for a dog of his very own. After a wintry mix of snow and love, two icy mounds of snow come to life with a bark, a wiggle and a wag. The wonder of childhood is born in this frisky snowpup named Frostbite. Children will be enchanted by the artistry of Robb Mommaerts, whose illustrations perfectly capture the magic of this imaginative picture book. Told in rhyme by a little boy whose dream comes true, this tale will warm the heart of young readers and any parent who remembers wishing for a dog of their very own.

So that’s the truth amidst the snow—

As day turned into night,

I found a dog to call my own.

I’m glad I caught Frostbite.


…”Every page will capture your imagination and draw you in for a closer look with all the detail included. So, if your heart has love to spare, your imagination room for magic, and you’re jonesing for a fun wintry read, I’d definitely recommend this one for you and yours, the young and young at heart.”

…” Frostbite is an enchanting wintry treat that will capture the hearts of children and parents alike. This rhythmic arctic tale inspires wintertime fun that is sure to put a smile on little ones faces. The illustrations are vibrant and the use of a variety of blues effectively creates the crisp winter adventure that is unfolding.”

…”I am seriously in LOVE with all of Julia Dweck’s stories!!! She comes up with stories that are original, adorable and spark imagination and the love of reading in young and old alike.”

COMING NEXT 3/29/15! Snitch & Sneer- Fairy Tale Crashers…Hit the Hood! Author – Julia Dweck, Illustrator – Daryll Collins

*Available as a digital book on Amazon and print book on Amazon and      B & N.


Set your tasers to “have a blast” in a slapstick fairy tale adventure that’s out of this world. Snitch and Sneer are the extraterrestrial stars of this sensationally silly graphic picture book, Fairy Tale Crashers. In their first adventure, Snitch and Sneer hit the hood to create chaos, laughter and general mayhem with little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and dear ol’ Granny like you’ve never seen her before. This duo of fairy tale crashing, galactic goof balls are sure to appeal to even the most reluctant reader.  So, warp speed ahead into the zaniest fairy tale adventure to ever hit the solar system.


“…Just finished Hit the Hood!!! Really makes you LOL!!!”


COMING SOON! Anna the Ballet Fairy : Author-Julia Dweck, Illustrator- Kimberly Soderberg

*Available as a Paperback and a companion Coloring Book!

Front Coverjpgwlogo pics 1


Visit the magical world of Fairy Trails. Anna the Ballet Fairy is an enchanting tale that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever had a special dream. Down among the sugarplums are sprites no bigger than your thumbs. Anna is the smallest sprite who sprinkles sugar through the night. Enter a world of fairies, pixies and dazzling enchantment. Anna wishes that she could dance with the elite Sugarplum Fairies who prance among the sugarplums. However, she is still too young. Can a pixie help Anna realize her dream or will she trick Anna, instead? The story is written in a lyrical rhyme scheme that will captivate young readers. The colorful illustrations capture the creativity and imagination of this poignant tale that encourages readers to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Extended pages include “How to Draw” a Fairy and a Pixie, as well as doll cut-outs of Anna dressed in costumes of classic ballets. These inviting and fun activities are sure to capture your young one’s hearts and attention.

In addition, follow Anna on her first day of Dance Class, coloring her every step of the way in her first Coloring Book. Young artists can put their very own touch on Anna’s ensemble as she dances her way into their heart.




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