Brian Allen

Brian Allen


Flyland Designs is a studio founded in 2006 by illustrator and graphic designer, Brian Allen. With over 10 years of industry experience, Allen has designed mascots, apparel, retail packaging and book and album covers for clients including Hard Rock Café, Jostens, Hasbro, American Greetings and Half Time. Allen’s creative aesthetic attracts children and adults alike.

Brian Allen lives and works as a freelance artist and t-shirt design illustrator in the State College / Bellefonte region of Pennsylvania. Brian’s specialties include t-shirt design illustrations, creating album cover art for rock and metal bands, mascot character designs for websites, and illustrations for book covers and retail packaging. He also specializes in drawing Zombies. Lots, and lots of Zombies. Brian’s work is eclectic, ranging from dark and creepy, to humorous and colorful.

Brian’s range is one of his best qualities as an artist. No matter what your project is, from mascot character design to custom beer label design, Brian can create something unique and fun.

Brian thoroughly enjoys life daily with his wife, Lesha, and their two hell-spawn, Michael and Isabella.


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