Adam Duff

Adam Duff

Product Details

Adamation Station

Adam Duff is a senior concept artist based in Montreal, Canada who has been passionately involved in the film and gaming industry as well as children’s publishing since 1998.

He has also been a large contributor to online digital painting training through the Adamation Station, and his work has appeared in such publishings as ImagineFX.

With a formal education in Fine Arts and Classical Film Animation, his career includes Artistic Direction and 2D/3D Character Animation and Advanced Concept Art Teaching, for such companies as Electronic Arts, Vision Globale and Behaviour.

Adam’s professional background in traditional 2D and 3D CGI have been integral in his artistic style and exploration.

His artwork has been described as “walking that thin line between fantasy and reality.”

“Believability”, he says, “is far more valuable than realism, because it is in believability where original thought and innovation can find their voice.”






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