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When an author sells a work… sells a piece of itself. Of his past, his experiences… of their experience and their more intense emotions.

As commented today with Ivan… the musician creates a work and shared with the musicians who accompany him can burn it and play it infinitely over and over again… The painter not. Painter faces a blank canvas in his solitude and Weeps, laughs and tells her personal story with touches. Once the work escapes from his hands… fades into a short memory.

I do not think that you forget the day when I sold my first book… The first time I felt the emptiness of let go of something only myAnd, honestly… There is no money in the world that can fill that gap.

But in painting… as in all things of life… to advance we must leave things behind… raise the anchor and follow the hard way which means take it

So… In the end. I have decided once and for all put back to sale my work… in order to leave some space to start a new stage; both personally and in my walls.

Do therefore… those who have time wondering how much is it worth and how much is worth that, here you have finally? list?, also including reproductions in sheets for those who want to have a little piece? low cost? of my work.

“Please forgive the crude, Bing Translator of Patricia’s bio…Patricia is extremely well spoken in her native tongue. I hope you all get her message.”  SSP



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