Beth Trott

Beth Trott


Crowned Frt Cover - Square Format

I’ve been drawing since I was two years old and began taking private watercolor lessons when I was ten. At the age of fifteen I started taking classical figure drawing classes at “The Art League” in Alexandria, VA. From there I went to The George Washington University, having received the presidential art scholarship as well as several local art scholarships. After my four years of Fine Art and Art History college study my first illustrative work was published by Harper Collins in 1999.

In December of 1999 I opened a retail game store in Maryland. The demands of owning and operating a small business did not allow me to further pursue my art career until late 2001 at which time I became a part-time freelance illustrator. Eventually the demands of being a small business owner and a part time illustrator forced me to make a choice. In 2004 I became a full time freelance illustrator, selling my portion of the store to my business partner, and I have continued to expand my clientele from the fantasy gaming industry to children’s books as well.

As an artist I have a diverse range. I am able to work in a number of different mediums. My watercolors have been most published but I have digital media, oils, graphite and pen & ink works published as well. I can work with a variety of materials and always look forward to a challenge when it comes to subject matter. I also understand the important balance of quality and timeliness. I take a clients time very seriously and I produce high quality images within very tight deadlines. As a full time freelancer I am always available to address clients questions or concerns. I believe in communication and professionalism and strive to maintain a high standard with all of my projects, big or small.

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